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『日本 呪縛の構図』は日本に興味ある人に向けた日本入門書

日本 呪縛の構図(1)本書を書いた理由(通訳版)

『日本‐呪縛の構図:この国の過去、現在、そして未来』(上)(R・ターガート・マーフィー著、仲 達志・訳、早川書房、2015年)
筑波大学名誉教授R・ターガート・マーフィー氏は40年に及ぶ期間を日本で過ごしたが、いったい彼には日本がどう映っていたのか。上梓した『日本 呪縛の構図』の内容を基に、日本の過去・現在そして将来像を語ってもらった。第1話では、『日本 呪縛の構図』を書いた理由が明かされる。(2016年12月6日開催日本ビジネス協会JBCインタラクティブセミナー講演「日本 呪縛の構図~この国の過去、現在、そして未来」より、全6話中第1話、通訳:福原利夫氏)

●『日本 呪縛の構図』を書いた理由

Murphy : I wanted to, this book that Mr. Kamikura mentioned; I actually never intended to write it. I had written a number of books about - and articles about Japan’s political economy and the way it intertwined with the hedge money of the U.S. dollar, but I didn’t think I had anything new to say on the subject.

福原(通訳):この『日本 呪縛の構図』という本ですが、当初このような本を書く予定は全くありませんでした。というのは、日本に関する私の本や記事はありとあらゆるところで出ているし、もうほとんど語り尽くされているという感じだったのですが、あることが起こり、この本を書くことになりました。

Murphy : But when I was at Oxford University Press, invited me to write this book and I accepted their invitation, partly because they are very prestigious publisher and partly because I realized that doing it, doing this book, will give me the opportunity to put down a lifetime worth of reflections.



Murphy : I first came to Japan as a 15-year-old schoolboy. I was only here for a few months, but the experience transformed my life. And it is not a coincidence for the way this book took shape that the first place I lived in Japan was Sendai.


Murphy : My father was a visiting professor at Tohoku University. So you can say that Sendai is my Japanese furusato. And just as I began to start work on this book, the Tohoku, Great Tohoku earthquake happened. And the scenes on television of the devastation in town such as Ishinomaki and Kesennuma really tore my heart, because these were place that I knew and they were places that of which I had very fond memories. Fortunately, I lost no one close to me in the disaster, but I heard many heart rending stories from friends and that may have led the sense of urgency to my writing.


Murphy : Anyway, when my family and I went back to the States after that first visit to Japan back in 1968, I really wanted to learn more. So I applied to Harvard, to which Edwin Reischauer had just returned as professor after being ...